We've got great sweet treats just like your grandma would've made 'em. We also have years of experience whomping up delicious vegan & gluten-free* desserts. Maybe your granny was like that, too?

Sweet & Savory

We make gluten-FULL sticky buns every Saturday and vegan and gluten-free* donuts every Sunday.

Biscuits, cupcakes, cookies, cake, pie (& a la mode!), coffee cake, cheesecake, ice cream, macarons, sweet muffins, English muffins, pastries, caneles, toast with jam/cheese, sticky buns, paquets, and pinwheels. 

Whole cakes/pies or by the slice 


Coffee, iced-coffee, cup/pot of tea, hot chocolate, juice, milk, soda, floats

For special orders we offer a large menu of choices for you to bring home for your special event or simply to entice your friends and family. You're welcome to download our menu and give us a call or stop in to make a special order.

We offer a 48 hour turn-around time for special orders. A 20% fee will be applied to orders cancelled less than 24 hours before pickup date. 

*PLEASE NOTE: This facility makes products with gluten, soy, nuts, flour, dairy and other known allergens. We make every effort to maintain the integrity of our vegan, gluten-free and nut-free products.